Our history

Laura Berlucchi arrives in Montescudaio to produce high quality Tuscan wines

Francesco Benasaglio, an agronomist from Brescia, had long cultivated the desire to put his professional experience to good use in an initiative to be shared with two longtime friends, Roberto Ligasacchi, doctor of forest sciences and entrepreneur, and Carlo Sanvitale, architect, both from Tuscany and strongly attracted by the idea of being able to face a new professional adventure in the field of wine production.

But the first to discover Fontemorsi was Laura Berlucchi, founding member of the well-known Franciacorta company, who upon the death of her brother Guido decided to start producing quality wines on her own.

Starting from a small company allowed her to follow all of the process more closely and with greater personal involvement than possible in a large company. Following a year and a half of research and evaluation, Laura Berlucchi arrived in Montescudaio, in the province of Pisa, attracted to a small winery and olive farm located in the same place where the Etruscans produced wine.

Laura Berlucchi invited Francesco Benasaglio, her granddaughter, Mariavittoria together with two Tuscan friends to take on the operational management of Fontemorsi. The fossil shell company logo epitomises the link between Mediterranean and the hills of Montescudaio.