Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, EVO

L' extravergine è ricavato dalla prima spremitura delle olive e subito imbottigliato

Fontemorsi extra virgin olive oil is organic and it is obtained from a blend of different varieties of olives (Frantoio, Maurino, Leccino and Pendolino).

The Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVO) is harvested early and only healthy olives are picked, those that have never touched the ground and immediately sent to be pressed to the cooperative mill, of which we are members.

All cultivation practices, from pruning to harvesting, are carried out manually by our staff. These processing methods guarantee very low acidity and oxidation parameters.

The defense of plants from the adversity of the olive tree has been implemented for many years according to the principles of biological control, certified by the Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certification.

Fontemorsi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be purchased in:

– 500 ml and 750 ml bottles,
– 1.3 and 5 litre cans